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Happy HOWLaween

Posted on 10-24-2016

Halloween is right around the corner!  Please beware, all the extra noises, unusual activity and excitement can be frightful for your pet.  It may be a good idea to keep them away from all t...

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Heartworms in cats, you ask?

Posted on 09-14-2016

Q: Do cats really get heartworms? A: Yep. If you live in an area where heartworm infection is prevalent in dogs, your cat is at risk, too. Those pesky mosquitoes will bite any animal—regardle...

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Concerned about potential pet poisons?

Posted on 08-31-2016

Pets have an uncanny way of finding their way into things that can be hazardous.  It's a common and scary problem, especially when most of us cannot be with our pets every minute to monitor w...

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The Dog Days of Summer

Posted on 08-11-2016

As we are well into August, the summer heat is in full swing.  PLEASE do NOT leave your pets in a vehicle.  It only takes a few short minutes for the temperatures in your car to sky rocket o...

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Audubon Goes Wild

Posted on 07-14-2016

On Tuesday, the clinic received a call from a travelling zoo in Weston, WV who was in need of health certificates and exams for their exotic animals and petting zoo pets. So Dr. Thompson, Dr. Kno...

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